The junior high and high school communities of ONEchapel in Austin, Texas.

News Letter

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Hello Parents,

We wanted to take a moment to update you on what is going on around the Tag family in the upcoming weeks so that we can work together to make sure our students are consistently connecting with God and His family.

Parents! We want to have breakfast with you!

Saturday August 25th we will be hosting our Parent Pancake Social!

We realize that the best and most effective way to minister to young people is by working together with you, the parents, as the primary influencers in their lives. That means we need to get together every once in a while to fellowship with other parents and hear from the pastors of the student ministry at Onechapel.

Please join us next Saturday Morning, August 25th, from 10-12 at Onechapel Austin as we share a meal, get to know one another, and discuss the vision for the student ministry at Onechapel!

It is an honor to partner with you in the discipleship of your kids! Great things are ahead for the Tag family!