The junior high and high school communities of ONEchapel in Austin, Texas.

The Vow

The Vow is a commitment to God. It is not a formalization that you will never fall short of these convictions, but a personal resolution to pursue them.

God delights in my prayers. Every prayer matters to Him. My prayers draw me closer to God and advance the kingdom of God. It is my conviction that God wants His sons and daughters to always pray and not give up. In view of that, I vow to participate in a corporate prayer meeting every week.

God visits desperate people. The desperate ones are those that have tasted of God and long for more of Him and His purpose. God reveals Himself to people that ache, pray and fast. He draws near to those that draw near to Him. In view of that, I vow to daily carve out a regular time to be with God to read my Bible and pray.

Jesus commands me to continue His mission by taking the gospel to all people. The destiny of every person matters to Jesus. This year, I vow to focus my time, energy and resources to win one person to Jesus and Spend Myself on behalf of others.


God wants me to be holy. He is holy and perfect. My choices matter to God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I choose to bend my life around God so that my daily choices reflect Him. In view of that, I vow to fast something one day per week. This fast will serve as a living reminder to forgo earthly things and to feed upon God.

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